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Who doesn't love tomatoes? I for one absolutely love it especially on my home-grilled burger plus lettuce and a side of heavy dressing. Yum is an understatement for sure. I know not all tomatoes in the market have the same juicy, scrumptious taste plus not all of them are grown in the most desirable of conditions. So here are a few secrets on growing tomatoes right in the comforts of your own home and believe me when I say with these secrets that you'll never run out of juicy and sweet tomatoes.

One secret in growing tomatoes is to not use chemical fertilizer. Why? Well it is a known fact that large companies merely use chemicals to speed up the growth process of tomatoes but this does not necessarily mean that the tomatoes become juicier or tastier. Homegrown tomatoes are simply delectable because it depends only on organic compost, natural weather and light conditions.

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Second secret is to soak up your growing tomatoes in at least six hours of sunlight. Six hours only. Exceed those hours and you end up completely wrecking your garden. It is best that your sunlight source is also close to a watering source.

Third secret to growing tomatoes is to know the different varieties of tomatoes. This is simply because not all tomatoes grow in the same climate conditions, soil and sunlight. Not to worry if you're a beginner at growing tomatoes because your local vegetable nursery would gladly aid you in raising your own vegetable patch right at home. They also give you a detailed schedule of the tomatoes that grow robust during certain periods. An advise you should definitely keep in growing your own tomatoes, utilize mulch. Accompany this with using wire cages or tall stakes because tomato vines can reach up to a height of six feet. This also aids in keeping them safe from pests. Wire cages are the best bet since these also keep them safe from pests such as birds.

Fourth secret you should know in growing tomatoes are a few simple remedies you can whip up at home. Well we know that there are other pests that may destroy the tomato plant aside from rodents and birds. Pests such as slugs, hornworms and aphids are the worse kind. Quick home remedies include soapy water for pests like aphids and dipel solution for those forsaken hornworms. The easiest way to stop pests like slugs is simply scattering hair around your tomato plot.

Last but not least secret in growing tomatoes is knowing the exact time when they should be harvested to ensure that they aren't overripe or under ripe. How do you know which tomatoes are best for picking then? If you notice that your tomatoes are starting to turn pink, then that is the stage when they primarily ripen which is of course the best time to harvest them. These tomatoes are sweet, juicy and perfect for any dish you'd whip up in the kitchen.

Growing tomatoes isn't exactly rocket science. Like what you might have learned in primary school, it takes dedication, perseverance and a hell lot of keen observation. Once you get the hang of it, you might discover a few more secrets to growing the perfect, ripe tomato.

Growing Tomato Secrets